It seems obvious: the closer you are to reaching your goal, the higher your motivation becomes. These past few months here at Caveman have been bustling with the concept of change and our motivation level has never been greater. We have spent countless hours staring into our computer screens editing, tweaking and refining the launch of our new website. Exhausted doesn't even begin to explain the state of our consciousness, but the outcome is always worth the effort.

With an exciting new chapter being written it is important to remember where we came from. We must take a step back and look, with admiration, at how far we have come. It isn’t always about the perfect photo, but more about the legacy that we are striving to establish. We want Caveman Collective to nourish our creative bones for a lifetime to come. Collaborating as a team allows us to create, discover and muster the endurance to keep progressing creatively. We have managed to come together and take our pursuit to a whole new level, one we are proud of and can't wait to share with the world.

We couldn't be more excited for the future. Whether it be the beautiful destinations we may embark upon, or the new clients we have yet to meet, our path continues forward.

Delight in the journey...