Profoto B1 AirTTL


Profoto B1 AirTTL

This is Scott. He’s a regular dude, but for his severely underdeveloped fear of heights and an unusual hobby. Scott strings line across high mountain chasms and walks across. This is called high-lining. Even his mom thinks he’s crazy. That’s what everyone thinks. But we knew the beauty of these places he goes, and wanted to capture the sense of freedom and risk and exposure he feels out there. Problem is, mountain light is variable – clouds one second, burning sunlight the next – so most images show him backlit with blown out backgrounds. Plus, conventional lights are too heavy to carry long distances on rough trails, and their batteries and cords mean they can’t be moved quickly when light conditions change.

With the Profoto B1 AirTTL, our light was now portable. We hiked it in two miles, to an elevation of 9,500 feet in a place called Jurassic Park, just outside Rocky Mountain National Park in Colorado. We set the highline and waited for the 60-mph wind to die down. Meanwhile, we turned the Profoto B1 AirTTL and the Nikon D810 on Scott to shoot his portrait. Then we took our moment: Scott walked out, nothing but 200 feet of air and a two-inch-thick line beneath him. One of our two-man photo team maneuvered into position near the edge to overcome the natural sidelight – into a place we would never dream of placing a conventional light – and lit Scott perfectly. As the sun came and went, our the light man was able to quickly adapt his position and prolong the shoot. The result, this stunner: Scott in the full glory of high-mountain exposure with Lily lake shimmering in the background and enough texture on the rock to tell its granite.

Scott's mom may think he's crazy, but now she can see what he loves about walking the highline.


Rebranding the Lottery


Rebranding the Lottery

Over beers last week, a friend contemplatively asked what I would do if I won 

the lottery. Donate the money to charity? Buy a beach house? Buy my parents a 

beach house? We chatted about the possibilities, musing on the many ways the 

money might change our lives. But then I thought, what are the odds?


Turns out, the Mega Millions lottery comes with odds somewhere around one in

259 million. You’re actually much more likely to become president, a roughly one 

in 10 million chance, or have identical quadruplets, a one in 15 million chance, 

than you are to win the lottery. And these horribly depressing odds made me 

wonder, why even play? Instead of throwing away money on a seriously unlikely 

possibility, why not make the lottery something with better odds? Something that 

you can guarantee. Why not rebrand the lottery and make it your own?


A half-mile from my front door, there’s a snaking, roller coaster of a trail that 

practically begs me to run along it. It slinks beside Vermont’s Brewster River like 

a shadow, hugging every curve with abandon. This trail is my lottery. I won it the 

first time I spied its unassuming, shaded beginning, and I’ve been reaping the 

rewards ever since. Every time I feel like winning the lottery, all I have to do is 

lace up my running shoes and head up the road. A win lies waiting beneath the 



Instead of winning the Mega Millions, winning your personal lottery could simply 

mean biking to work on a sunny morning. A win for you could come along with an 

ice-cold beer atop a long-sought mountain. It could be when you watch your best 

friend’s face light up as you hand them their birthday present. A lottery with one 

in one odds is around each corner. And there’s no cap on how many times you 

can win each day.


When you think about the lottery like this, you’ve already won it. Many times. 

And each time you win, your next victory is waiting eagerly in the wings. As with 

the Mega Millions, there are many ways to put your lottery winnings to use. You 

might flash an open-mouthed smile at a stranger. You could give a friend in need 

a deep hug. And if I had to choose between hugs and beach houses? I would 

choose hugs. Every time.


By Shey Kiester




It seems obvious: the closer you are to reaching your goal, the higher your motivation becomes. These past few months here at Caveman have been bustling with the concept of change and our motivation level has never been greater. We have spent countless hours staring into our computer screens editing, tweaking and refining the launch of our new website. Exhausted doesn't even begin to explain the state of our consciousness, but the outcome is always worth the effort.

With an exciting new chapter being written it is important to remember where we came from. We must take a step back and look, with admiration, at how far we have come. It isn’t always about the perfect photo, but more about the legacy that we are striving to establish. We want Caveman Collective to nourish our creative bones for a lifetime to come. Collaborating as a team allows us to create, discover and muster the endurance to keep progressing creatively. We have managed to come together and take our pursuit to a whole new level, one we are proud of and can't wait to share with the world.

We couldn't be more excited for the future. Whether it be the beautiful destinations we may embark upon, or the new clients we have yet to meet, our path continues forward.

Delight in the journey...